About Us

Located in Victoria, Australia, Porcelain Dolls By ME is owned and operated by Mary & Michael Elliott and carry Australia's largest range of porcelain doll-making supplies.  We are your one-stop shop for everything related to porcelain doll-making.  If there is something you need, but not listed on our website, then let us know and we are sure that with our industry contacts we can find the product you need.

Mary is an internationally recognised doll artisan with over 31 years of doll-making experience, and certified by the International Doll Artisan Guild (DAG) as having qualified for their prestigious title of “Triple Crown of Doll-making” (TCDM).  

Mary is also an approved instructor to conduct doll-making seminars on behalf of the Doll Artisan Guild

With Mary's qualifications and knowledge of doll-making you can be assured that the products we stock have been tried and tested, and are of highest quality.  

Emphasising our commitment to promoting the art of doll-making we offer a full after sales service to all of our customers

However, please be advised we do not buy dolls, nor are we able to offer a valuation service for dolls you may wish to sell.

Summary of Competition Awards won by Mary Elliott

Competition Awards

  • 1999 Victorian Doll Show - Maggie
  • 2001 Melbourne Doll Show - Sue Johnson Trophy
  • 2001 Victorian Doll Show - Best in Class
  • 2002 Melbourne Doll Show - Best in Class
  • 2002 Victorian Doll Show - DAG Hon. Gold Rosette (in lieu of the Maggie award which can only be won once)
  • 2002 Victorian Doll Show - Best in Class
  • 2010 Victorian Doll Show - Best in Class, Special Top Award Gold Rosette
  • 2010 Victorian Doll Show Omega Award - Best in Class Top Award
  • 2016 Sydney DAG Convention - Millie
  • 2018 Sydney DAG Convention - Best in Section, Lady Dolls - Fashion

Doll Artisan Guild (DAG) Qualification Awards

  • 2004 Master of Doll Making
  • 2008 Grand Master of Doll Making (hons)
  • 2010 Grand Master of Doll Making (II)
  • 2014 Triple Crown of Doll Making