Dollmaking Classes

Dollmaking classes are currently held each Wednesday: 10:00am - 1:00pm and within these class times each student’s actual hours time can be flexible. The "classroom" is a dedicated, air-conditioned fully equipped studio and classes are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere where students make their dolls whilst enjoying a chat and cup of coffee at the same time.

Class fees for 2024 are $12.00 per hour, and class semesters’ follow the school timetable.  Each class is limited to 5-6 student’s.
When seeking a studio to learn porcelain doll making, please make sure your “teacher” holds the suitable qualifications from one of the major doll organisations - for example, I hold the “Triple Crown of Dollmaking” (TCDM) certification from the international Doll Artisan Guild (DAG)  - the highest qualification in doll making expertise awarded by the DAG. 
In addition I have been appointed by the DAG to conduct doll making seminars on their behalf.  There are only a handful of such approved instructors in Australia.
Doll Artisans/Teachers such as myself attend several doll making seminars each year to ensure we keep abreast of the latest doll making techniques and products.  In choosing such a teacher you can be assured of learning the fine art of porcelain doll making correctly.
In my studio, our student's can choose from any of the dolls for which I have the molds or, subject to certain conditions provide their own greenware.  Alternatively, if there is a particular doll, or style of doll a student wishes to make and for which I do not have the mold, then I may be able to obtain the necessary greenware on their behalf.
All of the required components to complete your doll are held in stock.

During the class “sessions” you will work on your own doll and be taught all aspects of doll making necessary to create your very own masterpiece. This includes, cleaning of the greenware, the various stages of painting the doll, selection of a suitable wig, etc. and finally, assembling the doll. 
My high standards of teaching are such that upon completion you will have a doll that would be suitable to enter in a doll show, and have an excellent chance of winning an award. 
Regardless, you will have created a prized treasure to pass on through the generations to come.