Headband Magnifier OptiVISOR (by Donegan USA)

   OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier by Donegan (USA)These are the same headband magnifiers that are used in the medical profession, by...
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Headband Magnifier OptiVISOR (by Donegan USA)

Headband Magnifier OptiVISOR (by Donegan USA)


Headband Magnifier OptiVISOR (by Donegan USA)

Model: DA - 2, 1.5x magnification

 OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier by Donegan (USA)

These are the same headband magnifiers that are used in the medical profession, by professional jewelers and others that require high quality, distortion free magnification.

The Donegan OptiVISOR is a hands-free, headband binocular magnifier and has optical glass lenses that are ground and polished into prismatic lenses for quality and clarity, and is available in multiple dioptric strengths (indicated by the number in the model) which provide specific magnification power (X) at specific focal lengths, or distance from object.

This magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image, and is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as jewelry-making, watch- making, needlework, artwork, electronic inspection, book-reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting.

The OptiVISOR magnifier features replaceable binocular lenses that have beveled edges that are mounted in an interchangeable plastic frame. An adjustable headband with padded leather comfort band conforms to a variety of head sizes and provides comfort for hours of continuous use. It can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses. A durable, plastic visor tips up above the forehead when not in use. Spring-loaded pivot screws hold the headband in a raised or a forward-facing position. The magnifier weighs approx. 180gms.

Optical Glass Prismatic Lense
- Ground and polished to precision optical standards - bevel edged and mounted in interchangeable plastic frame.

  • It Tilts - Adjustable pivots allow the visor to be tilted out of the way when not needed and at your fingertips when you need magnification.

  • Adjustable Headband - Adjustable to fit all head sizes - fabricated from a special blend lightweight material - comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

  • High Impact Visor - Provides a tough, durable, always new appearance.

  • Genuine Leather Comfort Band- Padded with orthopaedic felt adds to comfort.

please note:
For best results, choose the lens the with the lowest power necessary to accomplish your task. This is because the greater the magnification you use, the shorter your focal length will be and the smaller your field of view will be. Choosing the minimal magnification ensures the best possible field of view and focal length as you work

Not to be confused with the cheaper Donegan model LX verson which has only ground plastic lenses.

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